here we go again

18 05 2008

Look at me, I start blogs and never post! How awesome am I. To be completely honest, it’s been one weird year so far. I moved from Chicago back to Florida, started a new job, suffered through the heat, suffered through the insane gas prices, and started cooking for one (try going from living with your amazing boyfriend who loves everything you cook to moving back in with your parents who are meat and potatoes folks–though I have to give my dad credit, he tries almost everything I make.) Needless to say, I have not been cooking for fun, really. Coming home from work at 6pm means being mentally exhausted and just wanting to heat up some leftovers, read a little bit, watch some bad TV, and go to sleep. And let’s not even talk about taking food to work, as I basically end up grazing on nuts, dried fruit and pretzels all day, as well as my mid-day Clif bar. Hey, at least I am drinking almost 2 liters of water solely at work. But as you may be saying to yourself, “that’s just not healthy!”

So, I am going to change that. I am looking for quick, simple, healthy meals. I’ve made some changes to my diet which include: limiting my oil intake, limiting refined carbs/sugar, trying to eat about 50-70% ETL, as well as following a lot of the principles from Dr. Neal D. Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes as I am on the cusp of insulin resistance. It hasn’t been easy, but I think at some point, you just get used to it. When I made the decision to go vegan, I didn’t really think of it as a challenge. When I looked at the health benefits of going vegan, I really had to step back and wonder why I had been eating the crap that I had been. My family has a long history of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes and cancer. Sure, genetics may be standing in the way of all that despite what I eat, but if I can take one extra step to help prevent these things, I am going to take it. So now, I am taking an extra step to help prevent diabetes. It’s something I need to do and while I do miss certain things (crusty white bread dipped into olive oil with herbs and cupcakes with amazing fluffy vegan frosting, mostly), I am learning to replace them with healthier alternatives. Whole wheat pita and hummus (made without oil!) is a lot better than you think, and chocolate mint pudding (silken tofu+splash of soymilk+cocoa powder+agave nectar+peppermint extract) helps beat a sweet tooth. I am learning to love green smoothies, big salads with tons of fresh veggies, filling bean soups, and using herbs and spices to flavor a dish.

So, I guess this will be all about my re-learning how to eat. I want to start making more raw meals, as well. There’s so many new things I want to try and this is just the beginning. I want to get excited about food again. Oh, and I’m also testing for the ever so wonderful Joanna for her upcoming cookbook and so far, I have absolutely loved everything I made. Expect a lot of pictures of all that. Hopefully this blog will become my accountability for healthy (but delicious) eats. Wish me luck!




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