4 07 2008

I always start these damn things and never write in them. I am a bad blogger, but I’m working on being better. Here’s a quick post to make up for lost time.

1. I’m recipe testing for Joanna for her upcoming cookbook and I’m loving it. We share similar flavor profiles so I’m enjoying everything I’ve been testing. If you don’t have Yellow Rose Recipes, please order it from Herbivore immediately because it’s awesome. Nacho cheese sauce, green-wa, lemon almond cake, and tamale pie = so good. There are many others that are equally as delicious, but I think those are my favorite.

2. Julie Hasson’s steamed seitan sausage recipe is so amazing. It is one of the most adaptable recipes I’ve ever worked with! I’ve always been pretty “meh” on seitan (too rubbery OR too “meaty” — I couldn’t decide) but this stuff is so awesome. I prefer making them into cutlets instead of sausages as I can bread them (see also: Julie’s seitan cutlets parmesan) but have been changing the flavors. The original spicy italian version is AWESOME, but I made a BBQ version the other day (added liquid smoke and other random spices and sauteed in BBQ sauce after steaming) and really enjoyed that. I see endless possibilities with these.

3. I’ve been debating my favorite bean lately. I think I have it narrowed down to black beans and garbanzo beans, but I just can’t decide. This is a big deal, you know.

4. It’s summer and it’s hot as hell here in Florida. With that said, I want to make a conscious effort to eat more raw meals due to a) not wanting to turn on the oven/stove and b) for health. I’ve been perusing goneraw quite a bit this week but I also want to hear about quick, easy and delicious raw meals. i do have a dehydrator but it hasn’t been used in years. a-k over at swell vegan just did a week of nothing but raw meals and she provided excellent food porn inspiration, so I may have to give some of her meals a try. Please check out swell vegan if you’re looking for innovative recipes and absolutely beautiful food porn.

5. Between Celine’s [have cake, will travel!] awesome and amazing recipes and beautiful pictures and Ash’s [lovelikeavegan] recent sweet treats, my sweet tooth is alive and kicking! I’ve made the Chunky Monkey brownies (which were featured in VegNews) and I’ve got a list of Celine’s recipes I need to try. Can’t I just skip work for an entire week to bake?! It’d probably take me that long to do all the dishes, anyway!

Okay, that was easy. I guess updating this thing isn’t as hard as it seems. I will report back with pictures of what I’ve been eating and a lowdown on my garden. Until then…




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14 08 2008

If you’re ever up in St. Augustine, they have an AMAZING raw food restaurant called The Present Moment. I think you would love it! Their mushroom croquettes with zucchini noodles and a cashew-based “alfredo” sauce were to die for! Yum!!!

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